Since the national meeting of the Maoist Communist Group in April, we in Boston have been engaged in sustained invesigation and struggle into the internal contradictions within our group. We view internal contradictions as primary and understand the need to constantly work to correctly handle contradictions among the people by following the principle unity-struggle-unity. This, in addition to our focus on struggling against the division of labor within our organization, is an important break from the practices of the NY branch of the MCG. Externally, we have been focused on outreach, propaganda and agitation work in Dorchester. This is a form of social investigation to determine contradictions which define the situation in Dorchester and, more broadly, Boston as a whole. These investigations have also included prolonged follow-up meetings with contacts to explore mutual grounds for political development in a clear and non-mystified manner. We have identified a lack of prompt follow-up with contacts as a key barrier in developing sustained relations with contacts and making inroad into a ongoing struggle. There are also substantial barriers in communicating our political orientation without being conflated with NGO groupings that also table in the area. We need to more thoroughly investigate and merge with ongoing workplace and housing struggles across the city. In addition to this, we are currently struggling over the best ways to improve our overall presentation, engagement, and agitation work among mass contacts. Through addressing these contradictions we will continue to improve our political practice and advance the cause of the proletarian revolution.