The Boston branch of the MCG is announcing the dissolution of organizational ties with the NYC branch of the MCG. Attempts to pursue ideological struggle over basic questions were constantly ignored by the New York branch, culminating in the public articulation of these differences in the Boston/Richmond piece The Externalization of the Anti-Revisionist struggle is the Negation of Proletarian Politics. This article was met with no ideological engagement from the New York branch and resulted in the total cesation of communication from New York. Such a response fits a pattern of unprincipled politics from New York, including the previous promotion of a phantom branch, as well as the denial and stalling of real branch formation and membership, acts that the New York members boasted were necessary in order to preserve their total control over the organization. Despite our disappointment with the backwards direction the New York group has taken, through the sequence comrades in Boston have forged a greater political unity.

Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win.

-The Maoist Communist Group Boston (Mass Proletariat)


Although the initial statement of differences with NY was written jointly with the MCG’s Richmond branch, as of late the Richmond branch has endorsed a negation of Maoist politics and a new articulation of left unity which we do not share. This has been conveyed to us via email exchanges and certain aspects of this politics of left unity are apparent in their article Fuck Trump! Reportback. Our Response and ideological criticism of their recent practice can be found in our article On Trumpism/Anti-Trumpism.