Mass Proletariat came into being because of a need and a lack. A need for principled politics, here in Boston and at large, and a lack of political organization that was not predicated on the reproduction of the bourgeois world. Without principled politics we are bound to reproduce the very structures we nominally seek to oppose.

Mass Proletariat has decided to cease our work and cut off connections with one initial member who repeatedly defined himself in opposition to our stated task of militant politics. Rather than focusing on the political task at hand, he continuously conflated the political and the personal. This is a deviation all too common in contemporary left politics, that effectively reduces politics to identity and a nominal opposition to the state. In the handling of internal contradictions the principle of unity, criticism, unity was discarded in favor of antagonistic struggle, which effectively changed the nature of internal contradictions and created antagonistic divisions within Mass Proletariat. Thus ceasing to work with this individual is not so much about this individual as our need to break from the lifestyle political tendencies that this individual represents.

Our politics cannot be seen as a means with which to expand a social circle. In addition, the determination of an individual’s social class (one’s position in the Patriarchal, White Supremacist, Capitalist world) is not, by itself, enough to found a revolutionary politics. Political struggle must be based on and oriented towards the formation of a proletarian class stand, i.e. political action, rather than a social class i.e. a structural identity. This is the basis of the need for ideological, theoretical, and political line struggle within our organization.