Mass Proletariat is a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist political organization primarily working in Massachusetts. We are working to develop Maoist politics among the masses of oppressed and exploited people. This entails joining with the masses in their daily struggles in their workplaces and neighborhoods. As Mao put it, revolutionaries must swim among the masses like fish in water. Through this work, we seek to draw ever greater number of the masses into political struggles. An essential aspect of this work is the struggle to overcome white supremacy and patriarchy. This entails combating these two forms of oppression in all of their manifestations, while also distinguishing contradictions among the people from contradictions between the people and the enemy. We are working to develop revolutionary politics among the masses and to link up disparate struggles and comrades.

Seize The Time!

“The Party’s activity must consist in promoting the worker’s class struggle.The Party’s task is not to concoct some fashionable means of helping the workers, but to join up with the workers’ movement, to bring light into it, to assist the workers in the struggle they themselves have already begun to wage. The Party’s task is to uphold the interests of the workers and to represent those of the entire working class movement” - Lenin, “Draft and Explanation of a Programme for the Social-Democratic Party”, LCW 2:112.


The former “About” page was one of the first collective documents that Mass Proletariat drafted. As such it marked the achievement of substantial collective unity, while also reflecting our inexperience at the time. While our recent statements are a more accurate reflection of our current line, we thought that it would be useful to have this older document remain publicly available so that others can see how our collective understanding has developed over time. An archived PDF copy is available here.